Jason & Nicole Hoover | Solid Rock

Jason & Nicole Hoover | Solid Rock


It’s May!!!! In less than 2 months, we will be moving back to Pennsylvania.

We continue to feel God’s peace as we walk down our transitional path, but it doesn’t come without thinking about all of the CHANGE that we are going to experience in the coming months. Many people have said to us, “Wow! You are moving back to Pennsylvania? That is going to be a big change for you!” They are correct. It is going to be different. However, change doesn’t just mean different. Change also means to take something and replace it with something else. We know that we will be replacing one community for another. We also know that God still has big plans for us as we continue to serve Him. While there will be a CHANGE in our roles, we will still be active in kingdom work. We will be replacing one type of ministry focus for another.

Jason spent 5 weeks in Pennsylvania following the clinic dedication ceremony. He spent long days working on renovations for our future home. Ethan, Miriam, and I stayed in San Juan so they could continue with their school work and extracurricular activities here. There was a 3 week break from teams followed by two medical teams during the 5 weeks that Jason was gone.

Since his return, I have been able to spend a morning in our clinic in El Cercado. I got to see Chantal, a CNP child that I previously had asked for prayer for. She is doing very well postop and wears a brace to help to try to prevent her from refracturing her tibia. The pediatric surgeon told us that it is very probable that she will refracture at some point in time due to her brittle bone condition. Pray that she is able to go a long time without fracturing with the use of a brace.

Jason will be working with 1 more construction team before our official last day. He spent most of the day today double checking for broken tools due to flood damage and making his task list for the remaining guesthouse repairs/projects that he will be able to assist with.

Since our last posted blog, Ethan turned 14 and Miriam turned 11. Each chose what special things they wanted to do for their birthday. Ethan wanted Dominican donuts, movies with friends, ice cream, and pizza. Miriam wanted to take a trip to Screamland in Santo Domingo (while we were on weekend duty), chocolate cake and peanut butter icing, and pizza. They also both ordered some birthday gifts that will be waiting for them in Pennsylvania when we arrive there.

We have begun to sell many items from our home and are delivering the items that we can do without to their new owners. Other household items are already claimed, but will go to their new owners a few weeks before we fly out. We will move into the guesthouse so that we can completely empty out our rented house.

Please continue to pray for us during this time as we watch God put all the transitional pieces together for us.

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