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Jason & Nicole Hoover | Solid Rock

Glory Story

What is your glory story?

In one of our recent family devotions, we read about Alicia. Alicia was a young child who was tired and obviously ready for a nap. She was whining about what her mom made for lunch and was trying to convince all the others that she didn’t need a nap. Her words were filled with negativity and complaint.

To counter her attitude, mom asked everyone around to share a glory story. She explained that a glory story is a memory shared that reminds us of God’s glory. Frank, the older brother, shared about a time when Alicia was lost at the beach and after a short, alarming time, she was reunited with her family at the lifeguard station.  Alicia remembered the situation as well. It was a time of panic followed by a time of gratefulness. The glory story was enough to encourage her to let go of the negativity and focus on the good. Alicia ate her lunch and took her much needed afternoon nap.

We work in ministry. We bear witness to countless glory stories and have our own testimonies to voice. Nevertheless, we still fall into moments where our weak human bodies are filled with negativity. We need to counter our attitudes with glory stories. We need to share how God continues to work in our lives. We need to share our experiences about how God continues to work in the lives of those around us.

We have faced many challenges as a ministry. The pandemic hindered and, in many ways, prevented SRI to serve in the same way that it used to serve.  Groups had to cancel.  International travel now has different requirements. There are vaccination questions. There are government regulations in the U.S. and the D.R.  I could go on and on.  But I don’t want to focus on that. I want to focus on the glory stories.

SRI was able to help with an office project at its CCED partner school. CCED is a school that opens every morning with prayer and devotion at its flag raising ceremony. It is a school that was once known as being in one of the poorest neighborhoods of the region. It has helped transform the community. To God be the glory.

SRI is interactively supporting a community in Babor Arriba, building a house for an elder who lives in impoverished conditions. Not only is our staff using its hands to serve this community, but it takes the gospel message and the word of God there as well. To God be the glory.

SRI American staff has been able to build new relationships, branching out and reaching out in new ways: classes, Bible studies, visits, calls, etc.  To God be the glory.

SRI Dominican staff has developed new leadership skills and created new ways to serve its people. To God be the glory.

SRI staff has been able to host several teams this year and now has a new appreciation for teams on the ground. To God be the glory.

SRI has watched the Revolution Clinic reach the end stages of the construction phase. This clinic will offer so much more to this people of this region. To God be the glory.

In the past 6 months, approximately 30 children have graduated from the Child Nutrition Program. To God be the glory.

Our family has been impacted. Our family has been molded. Our family has learned a bounty of new things.  Our family has roots in two places. Our family has a unique world view.  To God be the glory.

I ask you now. What are your glory stories? How have you seen God work in your life? How have you seen God work through SRI and its ministry? We all have glory stories. Put them at the forefront and leave the whine behind.

Prayer Requests:

  1. For our residency process. You all know that this process has been extremely long and slow. Our attorney’s office provided me with our login information to the migration portal system. I am now able to see things about our file which enables me to stay on top of the attorney’s office a bit more. We are moving at a turtle’s pace, but hopefully we get to the finish line soon.
  2. For the missionaries in Haiti that have been kidnapped by gangs. Pray for the hearts of those that are part of the gangs. Pray for peace for those being held against their will. Pray for God’s glory to prevail.
  3. For an upcoming SRI staff retreat. Pray for our relationships and our time of Bible study.
  4. For our English Bible study group here in the DR. We start this Friday and I am excited to form/deepen relationships with Dominicans practicing/learning the English language.

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