Jason & Nicole Hoover | Solid Rock

Jason & Nicole Hoover | Solid Rock


Mighty King, we come before you as your servants. You have chosen us to lead the ministry you have built. Lead us. Help us understand that our reward is in heaven and we should do everything without expecting anything in return. Let us fully know that we should not rely on compliments from people. Let us not care about earthly titles but simply be proud servants of God. Help us do what is right and acceptable to you.

Powerful Father, we thank you for the unity we have in our ministry and for the good leaders you have given us. We pray that you may give us the grace to continue serving you in truth and spirit. Let your Holy Spirit guide us in any decision making. May he minister to us, convict us when we sin, and lead us to repentance, so that we may always be close to you. We glorify your holy name.

Father God, I pray for the specifics. I pray that Dominican custom agents release our containers full of medical equipment to furnish the new clinic. I pray that every patient that we see through our mobile medical clinics and during our surgical weeks feel the love of Jesus Christ, recognize their value, and receive access to quality health care. I pray for the on-going construction projects. I pray that the fourth floor being built at Lucille Rupp provides enough classroom space that children can learn more effectively. I pray that the shelving that is being built at the guesthouse for the Revolution Clinic brings glory to you in some way.

We are in our sixth week of teams on the ground in 2023 and it certainly has felt very busy. Jason continues to work with all the construction teams and works on the projects even when a team is not on the ground. As a family, we are able to help with behind-the-scenes tasks, weekend duty, afternoon, and evening activities. I visit El Cercado about once every two weeks to oversee the child nutrition program there. This week, I am working to prepare one of our CNP kiddos for orthopedic surgery with an upcoming team.

We know that we need your prayers during this season.

As a side ministry, Jason has always participated in agricultural projects. He continues to help Euclides develop his land in Hondo Valle. They start (from seed) hundreds of coffee plants and then take them to be planted on the land. Recently, Jason purchased some green coffee that will be taken to the USA to be roasted. Ethan got to practice the skill of drying it out on our street. This is a true cultural experience.

I ask that you pray for our Haitian neighbor friends. We learned that their mother has been deported back to Haiti and that the children are here on their own. Their father died a while ago. The oldest daughter (maybe 13/14 years old) seems to “care” for everyone. These kiddos have played with our kiddos for several years now and it is difficult to watch their struggle, but we know that God loves these children too We are thankful for ways that people have stepped up to help them during this difficult time.

We serve a GREAT God. Thank you for continuing to pray for us during this time.

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