Jason & Nicole Hoover | Solid Rock

Jason & Nicole Hoover | Solid Rock

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They sang Amazing Grace at Central Mennonite Church on Sunday. It is not a hymn that we hear too often here. Apparently, it is not one that was in the older Spanish hymals. It is one of my favorite songs and it really speaks to my soul. It doesn’t even matter what language it is in. I have also heard this song sung here in the Creole language. Isn’t it amazing that we can praise God in so many different language and He can understand every single one ? Think about how many different languages of the world there are. Think about how many languages the Bible has been translated to so the Word of God can be taken to the ends of the earth. We truly do serve an awesome God!

Jason and I have fully recovered from our Dengue fevers. Yep. You read that right. After I posted my last blog, I came down with fever, body aches, and a headache for 2 days. Thankfully, my body did not respond nearly as badly to the virus as Jason’s did. I recovered fairly quickly from the fever and then had a full-body rash for two days. I did not need any daily lab work or IV fluids.

After we recovered, we started tackling our to-do list of things that we wanted to work on while there were no teams on site. It is not always possible to do these larger scale projects while there are groups present.

I was able to do some major organization and cleaning in the pharmacy with the help of Glenny and George. I spent 3 mornings matching glucometers, test strips, and batteries together. One of my biggest pet-peeves is when I go to find something that I need to use and it takes me 30 minutes just to piece things together so that I can use it. I know that the pharmacy will always be a place that needs organized, so I will try my best to keep up with this with the other staff members for my own sanity and in an effort to make it easier for teams.


Jason did some rewiring in the guesthouse. Over the summer months, we were experiencing problems with the panel box overheating because it was overloaded. Jason rewired a few items so that is no longer the case. It is no fun when you cannot run fans in the warm summer months! Jason worked with Euclides on benches for the back of the SRI truck. Jason came up with the design and together they hammered and welded things together. They look forward to testing it out on the first team. If all goes well, they plan to make them for the majority of our fleet.


Cora Hunse arrived in San Juan on Monday evening and it has been a joy to mentally and physically prepare for surgery with her over this past week. With Nicole Eby Rodriguez and Nefdali moving stateside, one could say that the years of experience of the surgical staff has decreased significantly when added together, but when you use Cora as an addend, we still have a nice sum. 😊 I appreciate that I am able to ask her questions and also take extra time to teach George in his new role. He is not new to the surgery area, but he does have new responsibilities. We joke about how we will always have something new to learn.

Outside of ministry tasks, we have accomplished a lot of ground on the home school front. Miriam’s reading has developed so much since last year. I have trouble finding enough reading material and books for Ethan to read. We use the Philadelphia Free Library, but the online platform that it uses to display the books, Hoopla, tells Ethan that he hits the maximum limit of books for the month. If anyone else has any other free suggestions, please send me a message. I would greatly appreciate it!

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The kids have also been making new friends at Dominican school and seem like they are doing well there. Miriam discovered that her classmate lives on the road around the corner in our neighborhood. This is so exciting for her because her other girlfriend that lived on our street moved away when she was 5. She still sees her at school, but she isn’t able to walk to her house to play. Miriam and her new amigita already have had several play dates. Ethan continues to ride bike and play with Miguel often.

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We found a nice B&B in an area called Las Palmas de Ocoa and spent a weekend there. It takes less than 2 hours to get there and it had nice accommodations with a very small, but peaceful beach. The sand isn’t quite as beautiful there as some parts of the island because it is gray, but there was a nice reef where Jason and Ethan were able to snorkel and spearfish. This place also served an amazing breakfast that was included in the price of the stay.

I have really enjoyed the one-on-one time with our Dominican staff that seems to occur more often when there aren’t groups present. This happens both on Solid Rock grounds and offsite. We enjoy hosting people in our home and getting to know them on a deeper level. It gives us a sense of belonging, deepens our relationships, and helps us all be accountable in Christ.

I ask you all to pray for our upcoming surgical and medical teams. Pray that our hands and feet would witness the Gospel and that we would give off the aroma of Christ. Pray that those that have great needs can be provided for. Above all, pray that God would be glorified.

Thank you for your constant prayers and support. Words cannot express our gratitude to you all.

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