Jason & Nicole Hoover | Solid Rock

Jason & Nicole Hoover | Solid Rock

There is peace in Christ

There is peace in Christ
When we learn of him
Feel the love He felt for us
When he bore our sins
Listen to his words
Let them come alive
If we know Him as he is
There is peace in Christ

He gives us hope
When hope is gone
He gives us strength
When we can’t go on
He gives us shelter
In the storms of life
When there’s no peace on earth
There is peace in Christ

Miriam is my social child. She is also the most artistic of the family. She loves to dance, color, and wear fancy dresses. She also loves to sing and listen to music. Today she asked me to put on the song written above and I was moved as she sang along with the lyrics. It felt extra beautiful coming from her.

Life always seems extra-interesting here. There is always something new to figure out, new team members to meet, chat, and serve with, and new lessons learned. The month of May was no exception. At the beginning of the month, we took in the beauty of Las Terrenas at our staff retreat and were filled with Bible teaching and opportunities to deepen relationships. Upon returning to San Juan, we had some opportunities to spend time with the ministry assistants outside of our normal work environment-again-deepening relationships.

We made our first trip to the San Juan Hospital after Jason came down with a terrible throat infection with high fevers and terrible body aches over a weekend. I actually thought that he had some mosquito-transmitted illness at first, but the lab work did not indicate this and the doctor at the hospital noticed how swollen his neck was.  His treatment plan involved a lot of antibiotics, fever reducer, and pain medication. It was a slow healing process and I must confess that I was quite worried about him. At one point, I did think that we were going to have to head to Santo Domingo for treatment, but thankfully, he started to show signs of improvement. The not having an official diagnosis bothered me too. In the States-you get a sore throat, they do a throat swab- and wahlah- you know if you have strep throat, etc. Here, it is not like that. No simple throat swab tests are available.  This week left me quite exhausted from playing nurse, mom, and keeping up with daily work duties. After about a full week, Jason was back to his normal self.

I also worked with my first gynecology surgical group in the month of May. It was exciting and I learned so much from the dedicated team members and mentors that were on site. I also witnessed life-changing surgeries take place. The most outstanding case of the week to me was a young 23-year-old mother of of one who had severe anemia and looked about 6-7 months pregnant. Her uterus was gigantic! Dr. Canario specifically worked with this young woman before the team arrived, trying to raise her hemoglobin level a little, knowing that she needed surgery. Unfortunately, the patient would have liked to have more children, but she was advised that she would be unable to get pregnant with the status of her uterus. She really needed to have it removed so that her anemia would improve.  We were able to find some pints of blood in San Juan for the patient so she could be transfused before and after surgery. This in itself was a miracle. Typically, patients bring their own donors or blood, but this particular patient did not have the resources, friends, or family to be able to do so.  I will not forget the facial expressions nor the jumping up and down and cheering that occurred after Nef slowly opened up her post-surgery lab results and read that her hemoglobin was over 10. Life-changing surgery!! Life changing-surgery on someone who most likely would have never received that much help from anyone else!!!

So I will work through the extra-interesting moments here. I will figure things out one day at a time. I will rest in Christ’s strength, His hope, and His love. Like the song says: There is no peace on earth-There is peace in Christ.

I am so thankful to be here, to be able to serve with such amazing people, and to give hope, when there does not seem to be any hope.

I will leave you all with a picture of me with some awesome mentors and awesome smiles!



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