Jason & Nicole Hoover | Solid Rock

Jason & Nicole Hoover | Solid Rock

Trust the power of prayer

I am going to keep this blog short because I only have one hand to type with and it feels daunting to attempt something deep and long.


  1. I had my surgery on February 5, 2021. My labrum of the shoulder was in rough shape. They anchored/reattached it in 3 places. I will be in a sling for 4 weeks total. I have started therapy and plan to continue it in the DR. It will be 6 mo-1 yr for full recovery.
  2. Our Dominican visas have been approved which is the first part of our residency process. Our passports should be returned to us any day from the Dominican consulate.  PTL!
  3. Our plan is to book our return flights to the DR as soon as we know we will have our passports in hand and Zane’s international travel paperwork is cleared. We have a vet appointment scheduled for tomorrow. Please pray for these important documents to be returned to us quickly. The health certificate for Zane needs to get a seal from the USDA. They are not accepting walk-in appointments in the Harrisburg office, so our vet is trying to figure out the electronic system. If she can not use that, we have to resort to overnight mailings which will cause delays.
  4. Jason wants to get to the DR no later than Monday, March 1 because a piece of farm equipment that he was asked to test on habichuelas (beans) is being delivered on Wednesday or Thursday (3rd/4th) to Santo Domingo.  The crop to test it on is being harvested now and there may not be much left to harvest in a few weeks. The planting season is regulated by the government.
  5. I am so ready to be on DR soil to be able to fulfill my role better. Working remotely has its challenges and limitations.
  6. The kids are ready too.

We need your prayers that everything will come together by the weekend and we can get on a plane together to head back to the DR as a family. We feel closer than we ever have before.  Thanks so much for praying!

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